There are currently NO Weather Advisories/Warnings in force in the United Kingdom

There ARE currently Flood Alerts/Warnings in force in England and Wales

Check out the 'UK Weather and Flood Warnings' page for detailed information on all Warnings in force


--Active Tropical Cyclones Worldwide--

This section is updated several times a day with all the latest information on currently active Tropical Cyclones.

To see past Tropical Cyclones for each of the seasons below, visit the 'Tropical Cyclones 2010-2011' page.

To see all the latest Tropical Cyclone Advice, Advisories, Watches & Warnings and Forecasts for each active Tropical Cyclone, visit the 'Official Tropical Cyclone Information' page and select the specific Tropical Cyclone basin.

  • 2010/2011 Australian Region Cyclone Season:

Tropical Low 23U, now known as Moderate Tropical Storm Cherono, formed in this basin on March 10th 2011. On March 14th 2011, Tropical Low 23U (Moderate Tropical Storm Cherono) left the Australian Region and entered the South-West Indian Ocean. This message will remain hear until the system dissipates.

None Active

  • 2010/2011 South Pacific Ocean Cyclone Season:

None Active

  • 2010/2011 South-West Indian Ocean Cyclone Season:

Moderate Tropical Storm Cherono

Formed: March 10th 2011

(Entered the South-West Indian Ocean on March 14th 2011)

Current Wind Speed: 35mph

Current Gust Speed: 45mph

Current Category: Tropical Depression

Peak Maximum Wind Speed: 45mph

Peak Maximum Gust Speed: 55mph

Peak Category: Moderate Tropical Storm

Watches & Warnings: None

Current Status: Sustaining Strength

24-Hour Prediction: Gradual Weakening

48-Hour Prediction: Continue Weakening and Dissipate

  • 2011 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season:

None Active

  • 2011 North-West Pacific Ocean Typhoon Season:

None Active

  • 2011 North Atlantic Ocean Hurricane Season:

This season officially begins on June 1st 2011

  • 2011 North-East/Central Pacific Ocean Hurricane Season:

This season officially begins on June 1st 2011

  • South Atlantic Tropical Cyclone*:

None Active

*There is currently no official Tropical Cyclone season for this basin, but on rare occasions, Tropical/Subtropical Cyclones can form in this basin.



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--Weekly World Weather Events--

Monday 14th March 2011 to Sunday 20th March 2011

This section is updated throughout the week with weather events making the headlines from around the world. This section is cleared every Sunday to make way for new weather events to be added from the following Monday onwards.

Go to the '2011 Global Weather Summary' page for a month by month breakdown of all the severe weather events this year.

 Rare South Atlantic Ocean Subtropical Storm 'Arani' brings heavy rainfall to parts of Brazil

A very rare Subtropical Storm has formed in the South Atlantic Ocean off the south-eastern coast of Brazil. The storm developed out of an area of low pressure over Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil and eastern Uruguay between March 10th-14th. As the system formed over land, very heavy rainfall was reported in southern Brazil, with up to 500mm of rain reported in 8 hours in some places locally. On March 14th, the low pressure system was upgraded into a Subtropical Depression. On March 15th, the Tropical Depression moved out to sea over warm waters, and was later upgraded into a Subtropical Storm, earning the name 'Arani'.

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